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Brechfa Knives is based deep at the heart of Celtic Wales in the UK and was fully established in 2016.


aAl.  All of my knives are handmade to order.

As a customer you don't have to compromise on anything.

I'll consult with you directly deal directly, this ensures that without exception you will get the knife and sheath you want. 

I'm on a journey of dedication to the craft and constant learning.

I love using old tools that were made with the same ethos I value and employ each day. 


This ethos inspired me in the beginning and it continues to drive me each time I step into my workshop and get to work.




Get in touch now to book a 2024 experience for your partner, family member or loved one.


You can join the Master Craftsman for an unforgettable experience, making your own knife with Mic at the Brechfa Workshop in Wales.


Weekends and Weekdays are available - To book your course now - Get in Touch 

Gift Vouchers

A unique and personal gift...

Why not buy an experience for someone special with a Brechfa Gift Voucher -  

Once you've been in touch and made your purchase, Mic will send out a handwritten letter to the recipient explaining that they have been gifted a course from the purchaser and inviting them to book a date to come to the workshop. A personal touch that adds to the gift and the experience. 

Basic Knife Making - 1 Day Course

A full day with Mic learning the basics of making a stock removal bushcraft knife. Grind the bevels, choose, fit and shape your handle and make a kydex sheath. The fundamentals of the craft, you'll leave with a knife and sheath you've made. £450.00

Kitchen Chefs Knife Making - 1 Day Course

Under Mics' careful guidance, you'll be walked and talked through all of the elements you'll need to be able to fashion, grind, heat treat and craft a handle to make your own beautiful 13' Chefs knife. £450.00

Master Class - 2 Day Course
Private Booking

One on one with Mic, This 2 day course is a master class in the craft, tailored just for you. All the years of Mics experience will be at your disposal, you'll learn every element that he employs to make some of the best knives in the world. Carefully mentored, you'll be expertly guided through taking the raw materials and making them in to your very own beautiful unique knife and leather sheath. £850.00


Paul Reed - UK

"What a brilliant day! Mic is one of the most professional and funny chaps I've had the pleasure of meeting. Nothing was too much trouble. I've now got a stunning knife that I made. Already booked to back to make an axe!"  

Anders Sinclair - Scotland

"Ive done a few heat and beat blacksmith days over the years but this was on a different level,

One on one, going through every stage in detail.

I learned so much, Mick was an absolute gent"

Hollie Phillips - UK

”I booked a 2 day class with Mic for my husbands 40th. He raved about the whole experience and loves his knife so much.

Thank you Mic" 



A handmade bushcraft knife of your choice with leather sheath and belt loop dangler, including UK Special Delivery start from £440.00

Custom knives & Kitchen knives and sets are individually priced depending on design, materials & time required to craft them.

You have a choice of handle wood, liner colour and thread colour.


Hand made from 01 tool steel and natural local hardwoods - Custom orders are welcomed and happily undertaken



A tried and tested drop point bushcraft knife with beautiful lines and a great feel in the hand which matches its abilities in the field - Scandinavian grind - Shown with a brown and oxblood leather sheath

Brechfa Knives _Chuck_.JPG

BK "Chuck"

The "Chuck" is a true go anywhere and do anything knife. Cut down and process a tree, Skin game, whittle a peg... He is the master of all.

6mm 01 Tool Steel for utter assurance in anything you can throw at him. 

Brechfa Knives Junior

BK Junior

A Brechfa Knife that I designed with our smaller bushcrafters in mind. It's fully functional but I've made changes that I feel reduce the risk of accidental injury.
It has a snubbed tip and a longer far more slender handle which is nicely profiled for smaller hands.


BK Skinner

The BK Skinner is little hand full of magic! Although designed for skinning game and birds, it has proven to be a great all round utility knife. Trialed in Sweden, it has the approval of true professionals in the job.


Kitchen Knives

Of all the knives I make, I am most proud of my kitchen knives. Years of work has been invested in developing the very best knives that I can make. Beautiful to behold and the very finest tools a home cook or professional chef could wish to own and use.


Just a few of the pieces I've made



I was asked by a client if I would make a custom Chopping Blade. The criteria was very specific requiring me to work to the absolute mm in tolerances. It was a demanding project and a great challenge which I enjoyed immensely.

The finished blade is breath taking and a beautiful example of what I can achieve as an artisan craftsman.


WW2 Smachet

A working replica of the original and first officially issued British Army fighting knife in the second world war.

The Smachet was used for close quarter engagement with the enemy in the trenches.

This was a very interesting piece of work that I had a lot of fun making. The end result is a stunning replica of the original finished in an imperfectly perfect way to show every detail of its character.


Butchers Knife

This was my take on the classic British butchers knife. I asked my local butcher what was his go to knife for most tasks and then I designed this knife around his recommendations. It's a beautifully functional knife with a great balance and feel. I'll be offering a slightly smaller version of this style in the spring ready for BBQ season.

If you have a custom knife you would like made, please get in touch and I'll be happy to discuss the project with you

Answers to Common Questions



Every knife is different and some take longer than others - but I know, including time for heat treatment and the epoxy to dry that it is at least 40 hours per knife. Although they may share a common shape, each one is utterly unique because they are hand made and I don't take any shortcuts.


Basic laws on knives

It’s illegal to:

  • sell a knife to anyone under 18, unless it has a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less

  • carry a knife in public without good reason, unless it has a folding blade with a cutting edge 3 inches long or less

  • carry, buy or sell any type of banned knife

  • use any knife in a threatening way (even a legal knife)

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